I wanted to try working in a different game engine.

These were my goals with this level:

  • High intensity 

  • Encourage movement 

  • Few vantage points with high exposure

  • Almost mirrored sides

  • Inspired by classic COD level Nuketown

My conclusions

(after playtesting in online

 matches with random players):

While the level did not quite turn out how I imagined. It was a lot of fun to make and a very useful experience.

Here are some of the factors that puzzled me:

  • Placing enough different covers to encourage players to move around without creating too much visual noise. 

  • The adjusting of overpowered spots and angles created by all the covers

  • Choosing an optimal weapon loadout that caters to different playstyles and the level. 

  • Setting useful height differences in logical places

  • Players not playing the map as I had imagined

  • Make it more accessible to players with lower skill level